In their latest video, the automotive YouTubers at Car throttle see how far their Skoda Octavia “Miles” can take one litre of diesel. 

A litre is a small amount of fuel for any car. However, “Miles” has already proven his fuel sipping capabilities in a previous Car Throttle video. In their last long range escapade, they took the Czech automobile from London to the Nurburgring, did a lap of the track, and drove back to London using only one tank of fuel (a journey of over 800 miles). 

After siphoning the fuel from "Miles", Alex and Ethan bet that day’s lunch on how far he’d go. Although their guesses were 11 and 12 miles, both of them couldn’t have been further off in the end. "Miles" turned out to be as thirsty as a desert cactus.

The start of the journey turned out to be quite rough for Miles, not making it even a tenth of a mile before breaking down. After a fuel system refresh, all was well and Miles was running again.

Following the timid start, the hosts were getting ready to hop out and push. However, "Miles" was pushing through the miles with ease. One mile would pass on top of another and he would just keep running. In their previous challenge, the Car Throttle team quoted the Skoda could do 75 miles per gallon, but the efficiency in this video is mind blowing.

After the drive began properly, it appeared to be quite a high-intensity endeavor. Every stop light and set of train tracks meant killing fuel without covering distance. Miles proceeded to make it to 11 miles, then 12 miles, and kept on chugging.

In the end, the car ended up traveling a total of 25 miles. A simply staggering result, capped off with Alex buying lunch.