People have opinions, and sometimes a difference of opinion needs an outside referee. That’s the position James May and Richard Hammond, of Top Gear and The Grand Tour fame, have found themselves in as they try to decide who has the better car. Is May’s Ferrari 458 Speciale your go-to driver’s car, or does Hammond’s 1963 Opel Kadett make for the better cruiser? Thankfully, Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel was nearby to render a verdict. 

Hammond goes first in explaining his Kadett’s technical specifications to Vettel, which are, uh, lacking. The 1963 Opel features an engine that barely offers a full litre of displacement while producing just 39.5 bhp new. The car is pushing 60 years old, and it’s unlikely to produce the full 39.5 bhp anymore. It does have a radio, and the speedometer does go up to 90 miles per hour – however, Hammond admits the car has never been above 55 mph. 

Strangely enough, it’s unclear if Hammond’s Ferrari 458 Speciale has ever breached 55 mph either with Captain Slow behind the wheel. Vettel needs no introduction to the Italian supercar – he does race for Ferrari now. While Hammond’s plea for Vettel’s vote centred on nostalgia, May talked about the car’s technical prowess and sheer performance – along with the feeling one gets when driving it. To the surprise of no one, Vettel picks to go for a cruise in the Ferrari. 

The video is short, fun, and quirky, and has the two TV hosts taking jabs as if it were any other episode of The Grand Tour. Watching, you would almost expect Jeremy Clarkson to amble out of the petrol station in the background only to dump on both cars before pointing to something even more ridiculous and exotic than May’s 458. But that doesn’t happen. Instead, Vettel takes the Ferrari with May riding shotgun. And he gets a tad nervous, too, with Vettel at the wheel. Captain Slow accidentally gave the keys to Captain Fast.