Bugatti put the world on notice earlier this month when it announced it’d breached the 300-mile-per-hour barrier. The French automaker beat Koenigsegg, Hennessey, and SCC North America to the punch – and bragging rights – even though Bugatti’s record isn't deterring others such as Hennessey from one-upping Bugatti. But not every automaker is interested in records. In an interview with Top Gear, AMG boss Tobias Moers said he’s not interested in achieving speed records with the Mercedes-AMG One. 

"I’m not interested in a speed competition," Moers said in the interview. “Doing 350, 400kmh, I’m okay with that.” Those are still impressive speeds many of us cannot comprehend. Moers disinterest could be borrowed from Bugatti itself, which announced, after setting the 304.773 mph, that it’s retiring from chasing speed records. The company’s goal was to be first to break the 300-mph barrier. Now that Bugatti has done that, the automaker is hanging up its racing shoes. 

Why doesn’t Moers care about speed records? According to him, "The experience of driving a Formula 1 powertrain is much more important than top speed." Extreme speed is fun to experience; however, doing so in a safe and legal matter can prove challenging. There’s no doubt the AMG One will be fast; it packs an F1 powertrain. But Moers is right, experiencing a car is about more than speed. There’s a strong argument for the joys of driving a slow car fast. 

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Sadly, though, it will be months before anyone outside of AMG gets to experience the One's true performance potential. Deliveries are delayed until the first quarter of 2021. Emissions testing took time to complete along with the automaker having to manage noise levels both inside the cabin and outside the vehicle, which have new regulations to meet. Mercedes revealed the car nearly two years ago.