With the Frankfurt Motor Show well underway, at least for the press, there are several new cars, innovative technologies, and wild concepts. One such concept came from BMW, creatively named the BMW Concept 4. It’s a preview of the upcoming 4 Series, M3, and M4. It’s a sleek coupe with classic sports car proportions – long bonnet, sloping roof, short rear deck. You know the formula. But what would it look like without its roof? X-Tomi Design has a new rendering that imagines just that. 

The roofless rendering still wears the same gorgeous proportions. However, that grille remains unchanged, for better or worse. It’s one of the key design features of the concept, and, well, it’s divisive. A rendering of the M3 from earlier this year hinted at such a massive grille, and it appears it wasn’t too far off from what BMW had in mind. BMW’s iconic kidney bean grille has grown to massive properties with new models seeing their front-end openings growing wider and wider. 

However, one of the concept’s neater features made it onto the rendering – the laser headlights. They lack your typical glass covering. Below them are massive air openings for cooling and fresh air. Even though they are large – about half the size of the grille – they look far less ostentatious than the grille. Then again, they’re black and tucked into the front corners of the car. 

Gallery: BMW Concept 4 (2019)

The rendering only shows the front, though it’d be interesting to see the rear. On the coupe, the roof flows into the rear-end design with sleek taillights and an aggressive rear fascia. A convertible top would disrupt some of those design lines back there. But for now, the BMW Concept 4 is just a concept, and the drop-top rendering will remain a rendering for now. We’ll have to wait to see how large the grille will be on the new 4 Series.