The Mercedes-Maybach S650 is already an extraordinarily luxurious machine. Carlex Design is known for taking luxury materials to a completely new level of lavishness, so when you combine these two forces, you can probably guess what the result will be. The aftermarket upfitter recently took to social media with images of its interior upgrade for the flagship Maybach saloon, and it can all be summed up in just one word. Gold.


Actually, Carlex Design sums it up in three words: Maybach Aurum Edition. That’s the official name for this greenhouse update, and yes, it’s all about gold-plated trim. Specifically, the company will replace various interior components with ones covered in either rose gold or yellow gold, but regardless of the actual colour, it’s still gold. Carlex Design doesn’t go into detail on exactly what gets the special treatment, but judging by the photos from its Facebook post, pretty much everything aluminium to is transformed into glittering gold. That includes items on the dash, centre console, doors, and the spokes on the steering wheel.

As for the rest of the interior, you might think Carlex goes after the seats and dash with quilted leather but that treatment comes straight from the Maybach factory. Wood trim compliments the abundant leather, which for this Carlex treatment comes exclusively with the silk beige / satin red pearl semi-aniline leather option. Similarly, all special edition models will wear a shade of Obsidian Black on the outside without any visual updates. It’s actually rather subdued compared to the accommodations inside the saloon, but there’s nothing subdued about the thrust generated from the S650’s 621-bhp V12 engine.

There’s no mention of price for the Maybach Aurum Edition, but the standard S650 starts at £176,315. If you can afford that much for a luxury saloon, spending a few more quid for a gold upgrade is probably something you’re not worried about.