The V12-powered G-Class won’t be the only new Brabus at the Frankfurt Motor Show this month as the 888-bhp luxury fortress will be joined by an off-road-ready version of the legendary SUV. Equipped with the Adventure Package, the more versatile G is like a tuner’s take on the G-Class 4x42 without the portal axles. It sits higher than the regular version and has a widebody kit lending it a more menacing presence.

The showcar heading to IAA is based on the G350d, but Brabus says it will offer the upgrades for all versions of the W463. In the case of the diesel, its inline-six 3.0-litre engine has been bumped by 44 bhp and 44 pound-feet to 326 bhp and 509 lb-ft. The additional output enables the capable SUV to hit 62 mph from a standstill in 7.2 seconds and max out at 126 mph. That might not sound much, but let’s keep in mind the G-Class weighs a whopping 2,376 kilograms.

Gallery: Mercedes G-Class with Brabus Adventure Package

The “adventure” part of the package refers to the height-adjustable suspension lifting the reputable Mercedes SUV by as much as 40 millimetres for that extra ground clearance you might need to tackle rough terrain. You can also tell this isn’t an ordinary G-Wagen by the wind deflector above the windscreen, holding four LED auxiliary lights for better illumination at night. A large roof rack that goes from front to back makes the SUV even more practical, as does the winch flanked by the beefy air intakes.

The back of the G has also gone through a few changes, with the spare wheel cover made out of carbon fibre. To its right sits a ladder to make it easier for the driver and passengers to put their luggage on the SUV’s roof. 10 centimetres wider than the standard G350d, the adventurous G-Class has a more imposing look further enhanced by the aftermarket 20-inch wheels with 285/55 R20 off-road tyres.

The Mercedes G-Class equipped with the Adventure Package will be on display at IAA in Frankfurt at the Brabus stand beginning tomorrow when the first press day is scheduled.

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World premiere at the IAA 2019


The exclusive off-road package for the Mercedes G-Class

BRABUS PowerXtra performance upgrade for the G 350 d to 243 kW / 330 hp and 660 Nm peak torque

BRABUS ADVENTURE: This is the label under which the world's largest independent automotive refinement specialist presents an exclusive off-road package for all models of the current G-Class in a world premiere at the IAA 2019.

In order to optimize the off-road capabilities further, the fender flares of the BRABUS WIDESTAR widebody tower over 20-inch Monoblock R wheels with maximum-traction off-road tires of size 285/55 R 20. The pivoted spare wheel carrier with carbon cover holds a fifth wheel of the same specification for emergencies.

The BRABUS ADVENTURE suspension was developed to increase the ground clearance further. Other options that make the G-Model also fit for expeditions are the winch at the front and the wind deflector above the windshield, which with its four LED auxiliary headlamps improves illumination of the terrain in the dark. Further useful features are a large, robust luggage rack that spans the entire roof and a ladder at the rear that facilitates loading and unloading.

For the owners of the new G-Class, who opted for the turbodiesel version G 350 d, BRABUS (Brabus-Allee, D-46240 Bottrop, phone +49 / (0) 2041 / 777-0, fax +49 / (0) 2041 / 777 111, internet developed a new performance upgrade to an output of 243 kW / 330 hp (326 bhp) and 660 Nm (487 lb-ft) of torque.

The interior can be refined with exclusive BRABUS fine leather Mastik leather/Alcantara appointments in any conceivable color and a wide variety of designs.

In addition to spectacular looks, the BRABUS ADVENTURE accessories package for the current Mercedes G-Class also focuses on further enhancing the off-road capabilities. To give the off-roader with its extreme ground clearance even more dramatic looks while making it even more fit for tough daily use far off paved roads, the BRABUS engineers and designers developed an extensive range of BRABUS ADVENTURE equipment.

The combination of WIDESTAR fascia with large air intakes, brush guard and winch immediately catches the eye at the front. The robust skid plate is made from carbon and like all the other naked-carbon components on the vehicle sealed with a matte coating. The BRABUS hood attachment, which gives the G-Class an even beefier appearance from the front, is also produced from this carbon-fiber compound.

This also includes the BRABUS wind deflector above the windshield, which with its four round high-performance auxiliary headlamps provides excellent illumination of the terrain in front of the off-roader in the dark. Furthermore, this equally elegant and functional accessory also deflects the wind over the luggage rack that spans the entire roof. To facilitate loading and unloading of the massive rack fitted with brackets to hold an axe and spade at the sides, a ladder at the rear is also part of the BRABUS ADVENTURE product range.

Under the WIDESTAR fender flares at the front and rear axle, which add ten centimeters (4 in) to the width of the G-Class, the BRABUS ADVENTURE version is fitted with tailor-made BRABUS Monoblock R alloys of size 9.5Jx20. To match the off-road look, they are of course mounted with off-road tires of size 285/55 R 20 that feature massive tread lugs. The wheels with ten dimensionally offset pairs of double-spokes were painted semi-gloss black for the IAA show car.

Running boards painted that same color facilitate getting in and out of the car, a process that is made as safe as possible in the dark by the LED lights integrated into the flares. They are activated as soon as a door handle is pulled or the central locking system is activated via Keyless Go by approaching the vehicle. The BRABUS logos in the fender attachments behind the front flares light up at the same time.

At the rear, the BRABUS ADVENTURE conversion includes a WIDESTAR fascia with stylized skid plate. The spectacular off-road look also comprises a fifth Monoblock R wheel with an off-road tire. It is mounted at the rear of the vehicle on a pivoted spare wheel carrier. The naked-carbon cover of the spare documents the origin of this thrilling off-roader with its recessed BRABUS logotype.

The off-road capabilities of a vehicle depend not only on the powertrain and tires, but also and especially on the ground clearance when the terrain gets rougher. That is why the BRABUS suspension engineers developed special height-adjustable BRABUS ADVENTURE sport springs for the electronically controlled, height-adjustable G-Class suspension. They allow raising the G-Model by up to another 40 millimeters (1.6 in), which further increases the ground clearance and thus the qualities in rough terrain.

That is also where the added torque comes in handy. It is why many G-Class owners opt for the turbodiesel version G 350 d. Engine tuning 'made by BRABUS' has been synonymous with tremendous performance in conjunction with flawless daily practicality and durability for more than 40 years. BRABUS vouches for this, as for all components and work, with the three-year or 100,000-kilometer / 60,000-mile BRABUS Tuning Warranty® (see BRABUS Tuning Warranty Terms and Conditions, updated July 2013). BRABUS exclusively uses hi-tech lubricants from technology partner Motul for this engine as well.

The power unit engineers developed the BRABUS ECO PowerXtra D35 module for the three-liter, straight-six turbodiesel engine with common-rail direct injection. The plug-and-play auxiliary control unit is adapted to the CAN bus of the G-Class.

The BRABUS performance upgrade increases the peak output of the G 350 d by 33 kW / 44 hp. At the same time, peak torque grows by 60 Nm (44 lb-ft). With 243 kW / 330 hp (326 bhp) at 4,400 rpm and 690 Nm (509 lb-ft) at a low 2,500 rpm, the all-wheel-drive car is moving through normal road traffic in even more superior fashion. In terrain, the BRABUS ADVENTURE climbs even the steepest slopes with 100 percent grade with rarely seen effortlessness.

The driving performance also is accordingly impressive for a diesel-powered off-roader weighing about 2.5 metric tons: From rest, it reaches a speed of 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 7.2 seconds. The top speed increases to 202 km/h (126 mph).

An all-stainless BRABUS sport exhaust system is of course also available for the G 350 d turbodiesel version. It features the unmistakable distinctive mark of BRABUS, two chrome tailpipes in the unusual side-pipe design on each side of the vehicle.

The BRABUS upholstery shop enhanced the standard leather appointments specifically for the car on show at the IAA 2019. To this end, the center sections of the seats and door panels were given an arrowhead pattern quilting applied with pinpoint precision. To create an attractive contrast to the black leather, white piping and decorative seams were incorporated in various places.

The Bottrop-based refinement specialist also offers particularly exclusive BRABUS fine leather interiors in practically any conceivable color and a wide variety of upholstery designs for owners of the current Mercedes G-Class who are looking for even more customization.

Tailor-made aluminum components such as pedals, door-lock pins and ergonomically shaped paddle shifters on the steering wheel add markedly sporty touches.

The BRABUS ADVENTURE range is available for all variants of the current Mercedes G-Class.