Apparently, a barrage of HGVs loaded with Tesla Model 3 saloons are en route from California to Philadelphia. More specifically, these are all right-hand-drive (RHD) models and they're working their way across the U.S. to the Pennsylvania port.

Reportedly, this new U.S. port exit will expedite the cars' trip to the UK. Up until now, Tesla vehicles left from the San Francisco Bay Area and proceeded through the Panama Canal to head toward Europe, where they ultimately arrived at the Port of Zeebrugge in Belgium.

With the end of the third quarter quickly approaching, Tesla is likely — as usual — working to pull out all the stops to end the quarter with massive delivery numbers. This new route could ease that process.

According to XAutoWorld, leaving from Philly could shave a whole two weeks off the company's overseas shipping time. Currently, departing from San Fran and heading to Belgium takes about 24 days. It's a grand total of 10,600 nautical miles. The Philly to Zeebrugge journey is only 4,000 nautical miles and could take some 10 days.


People will surely be watching as these ships full of Model 3 vehicles depart and arrive. Once we learn more about specific timeframes and the number of shipments, we'll keep you apprised. We can only hope that Tesla is able to pull off a strong finish to this quarter as far as deliveries are concerned.