The Cullinan may be an expensive car, over-£230-grand expensive to be exact, but it's no exemption to recalls. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the U.S. has announced a recall of the Rolls-Royce SUV due to a problem with its lighting.

According to the NHTSA document, approximately 403 units of the 2019 Cullinan may not conform to the Section and Table IX of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The specific section tackles lamps, reflective devices, and associated equipment.

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The NHTSA document continues to identify that some of the taillights, specifically the brake lamps, may not have been produced to specifications. The lamps may not be illuminating brightly enough, which may cause accidents due to reduced visibility on the road. 

The cause of the defect, according to the document, points to the variations in the supplier's production process. The affected vehicles might have a faulty left-hand, right-hand, or both brake lights.

Fortunately, Rolls-Royce and BMW of North America, LLC have not received any reports of any accidents or injuries that are related to the issue.

Rolls-Royce dealers have already been notified of the said recall, while owners will be notified by first class mail with the instructions. As with any other recall, the remedy to the brake lights will be done free of charge by authorised Rolls-Royce Cars dealers. Rolls-Royce New Vehicle Limited Warranty program will also cover the service in case the defect happens before the recall.

Owner notification will begin to roll out on October 14, 2019. However, if you're among these 403 owners of a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, we suggest that you contact your certified dealer immediately for the said remedy.