Horacio Pagani is responsible for creating some of the world's most breathtaking two-seater hypercars. The company’s current portfolio consists of the Zonda and Huayra with a future hypercar known as the C10 on the way. However, big changes could be on the horizon as Pagani considers an SUV and saloon for future models. 

Horacio Pagani is a living legend whose years of experience working at Lamborghini allowed him to start his very own car manufacturer which bears his name. You don’t become that successful without careful planning and Horacio knows exactly what cars he’s going to build up until 2025. After that, it’s fair game. 

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In a recent interview with MotorTrend, Pagani explained that it’s very hard to ignore the business car for a Pagani in the SUV or saloon format. Adding on a new model that has a broad appeal will help grow Pagani’s brand and reach more potential customers.

Although it’s hard to imagine a Pagani SUV, Horacio seems to relish the opportunity to attack a new medium. A Pagani SUV is a unique opportunity to blend the bespoke nature of the brand’s current hypercars with a format that allows more than two people to enjoy it at a time. 

Imagine a practical Pagani you could drive every day, with space in the trunk for groceries, and seats for the whole family. Based on the current cost of Pagani products that a dream that very few lucky individuals will be able to indulge but we can all dream.

When Pagani started building the Zonda, the pinnacle of cars was the two-seater supercar that could blend performance with luxury. In today’s world, however, the SUV has taken over and the be all end all of the vehicles and it would only make sense for Pagani to chase this market.