Thankfully, he walked away towards the medical aid, seemingly unharmed.

Needless to say, motorsport is one of the most dangerous kinds of sport. It involves a human being inside a machine and a tremendous speed – the latter amplifies everything by a ton. As such, racing should be confined inside a race track, but it's no guarantee that crashes won't happen even with the controlled environment.

One of the examples of the perils in racing is this one: a Formula 3 race car getting some air, doing two flips, and landing upside down on a fence. The incident happened when one Campos Racing machine encountered a sausage kerb around the bend which is the start of the catastrophic incident.

Gallery: Alex Peroni crash in Formula 3 race at Monza

Thanks to the roll cage, the driver, Australian Alex Peroni, walked away from the wreck towards the medical aid on a seemingly calm part of the FIA Formula 3 race today at Monza. According to a report by, Peroni was immediately taken to a medical centre and will later go to a hospital for precautionary checks.

Sausage kerbs or high exit kerbs have been a problem for the FIA, so much so that the organisation has started removing the dangerous race track additions. Sausage curbs are put in place to discourage drivers from running wide on bends, minimising collisions onto the barriers.

However, there's a problem with the height of sausage kerbs, which makes them act like little ramps on the track. This accident with Peroni was concrete proof of why they are dangerous. Several race car drivers have aired their sentiments over the incident on social media.

Thankfully, the sausage kerb in question has been removed at Monza, with the pit exit remaining closed at the moment until the damaged fence has been completely repaired.