Amalgam may not be a company name you know, but you should. In the world of car models, Amalgam Collection is the pinnacle. The company’s craftsmanship and precision are unmatched, producing beautiful models that can easily command four- to six-figure price tags. Yes, you read that right. The models are exquisite in their design and execution, and one of Amalgam’s latest offerings, the McLaren Speedtail, costs €14,090 (approx. £12,700 at the current exchange rate). But the 1:8 scale McLaren has over 1,000 individual parts, which the company highlights in the video above. 

The video opens with a naked model chassis surrounded by parts. The video then pans to the right, showcasing the 1,000-plus individual parts needed to make the model. Wheels, suspension pieces, brakes, seat frames, wiring, and more are easily identifiable. The video ends with an overhead shot of a completed model – it looks like the real, full-size thing. But it’s not. 

Amalgam unveiled the McLaren Speedtail model in London in October 2018. The first batch of models arrives this November. McLaren gave Amalgam access to the car’s original design while the automaker’s engineering and design teams scrutinised the model. The two, working together, have created a stunningly beautiful model that is far more than a simple toy car model. The price tag alone should keep it out of the hands of grubby children. 

Gallery: McLaren Speedtail

The real-life McLaren Speedtail is a limited-edition hybrid hypercar – McLaren is building just 106 Speedtails – and a spiritual successor to the iconic F1. Combined power output is an insane 1,035 bhp. The supercar is capable of reaching 186 miles per hour in 12.8 seconds with a top speed of 250 mph. It’s the fastest McLaren ever built. 

The Amalgam McLaren Speedtail is a work of art. Each Amalgam scale model comes with a “luxury black presentation box,” with either a carbon fibre or leather base. A plaque on the base displays the edition number, model title, and original branding. If you can’t afford a real McLaren Speedtail, which starts at £1.75 million, then maybe the Amalgam McLaren Speedtail is in your price range. 

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