Warning: The following article may make you want to move to Germany. It may also make you want to throw down all your hard-earned dosh and ship your very own Weinsberg Carabus 630 MEG Outlaw back to the U.K. Goodness knows I’ve saturated my keyboard, such is the drool-worthiness of this setup. 

If you race motocross, quads, karts, or even if you just like to camp out and rip through forests on the weekend, this Fiat Ducato-based motorhome has you sorted.

Cleverly, the Germans noticed that when we sleep, we’re often lying down. So the bed is elevated above the garage in the rear. It’s low in height, but wide and long enough that the manufacturer claims up to three people can sleep in it (and you thought the French were the adventurous ones).

Gallery: Weinsberg Carabus 630 MEG Outlaw toy hauler camper

Maximum payload for the Outlaw is 520 kg – enough for two motorbikes, or a race bike and a set of tools and spares. There’s also storage up front, as well as shelving in the bed area. There are two pivoting cab seats (driver and passenger) that turn around and join the dining table and two other seats. Up to four people can travel in the van.

The garage area is fully sealed from the rest of the camper to avoid smells and fumes leaking into the living area, which includes a kitchen, refrigerator, diesel heating, shower, and toilet. The photos supplied by the manufacturer show generous storage within the garage, and a robust checker plate floor complete with tie-down rails. I’m particularly impressed by the clever stowage and separate compartments for boots and helmets. Tie-down anchors on the walls help hold ramps, karts and tall toolboxes in place easily - something I find missing on most toy haulers in the market, including my own. 

The Caratour range is powered by a 2.0L Fiat four-cylinder diesel good for 120 bhp and 236 pound-feet of torque as standard. An upgraded 2.3L motor good for 180 bhp is available. Gross vehicle weight (GVWR) is 4,000 kg.  

The company is charging just under €45,000 (approx. £40,000) for the vehicle in Europe.

Gallery: Weinsberg Carabus 630 MEG Outlaw toy hauler camper