With a number of sneak peeks in the past and a near-production prototype demonstration at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Honda prepared us for what to expect from the final mass production variant of the car. The waiting is now over as the Japanese company has finally introduced the version of the EV that you’ll actually be able to buy from the nearby dealership. Well, at least here in Europe.

The E will play a major part in Honda’s plans to electrify its entire lineup and reach 100 percent electrified sales by 2025. The cute-as-a-button city car hasn’t changed a lot in the transition from a concept car to a production vehicle and (probably) the good news is that the study’s side cameras acting as side mirrors are here, providing live images to two six-inch screens inside the vehicle.

Gallery: Honda e Production version

But, of course, there’s more good news. With a perfect 50:50 weight balance and a rear-wheel drive, the Honda E should be a blast to drive around town. The electric motor of the car, positioned on the rear axle, will be offered in two power outputs – 136 bhp and 154 bhp, both with a peak torque of 232 pound-feet. That’s enough power for a 0-62 miles per hour acceleration in about eight seconds.

But what’s probably more important for a zero-emission city car, the four-door E can travel up to 137 miles on a single charge of the 35.5-kWh battery. A fast-charging function allows for 80 percent of the battery to be recharged in just about 30 minutes, providing juice for roughly 110 miles.

In terms of connectivity, the Honda E offers an intelligent interface with a dual 12.3-inch touchscreen display. The highlight of the system is the Honda Personal Assistant application, which uses “unique contextual understanding to create natural conversations and provide access to a range of online services.” Just say “OK Honda” and tell the car what’s your question or instruction.

Honda already offers reservation for priority ordering online in the UK, Germany, France, and Norway. Pricing and delivery details are not available at the moment. If you are in Frankfurt next week, you can check out the car in person at the 2019 IAA.

Gallery: 2020 Honda E prototype

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  • Honda e designed to meet the needs of customers looking for an EV to suit their urban lifestyles


Honda have unveiled the first official images of its new Honda e electric vehicle (EV). The car is the next step towards Honda’s commitment to making 100% of its European automobile sales electrified by 2025 and is set to make its official public debut at 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, alongside Honda’s range of electrified and sporty automobiles.


Honda e design details

Developed with a focus on simplicity in design and usability, the Honda e will meet the needs of modern urban lifestyles through seamlessly integrated connected technologies and exceptional driving dynamics.

Clean external lines are accentuated by the Side Camera Mirror System that replaces conventional side view mirrors with compact cameras, providing live images to two six-inch screens inside the vehicle. The camera technology, a first in the compact segment, brings significant benefits for styling, safety, aerodynamics and refinement.

The car is distinguished in profile by its smooth styling contours, enhanced by pop-out door handles that provide a seamless look. Inside, a next-generation five screen full-width digital dashboard and connected infotainment system are incorporated within a relaxing and modern passenger cabin that uses subtle, contemporary materials.

The largest area of the Honda e’s full-width digital dashboard is occupied by dual 12.3-inch LCD touchscreens. These act as the primary infotainment displays, presenting a range of applications and connected infotainment services that help the car to seamlessly integrate with the owner’s modern urban lifestyle. As a result, the driver and passengers – whether the car is driving, parked or charging – can enjoy the same connectivity and comfort.


Honda e technical specifications

The Honda e is equipped with a high-power electric motor available with two power outputs of 100 kW (136ps) * or 113kW (154ps) *, and impressive torque of 315Nm*. The 35.5kWh battery is one of the most compact in its class yet delivers a range of up to 220km * from a single charge, perfect for every day urban commuting. A fast-charging capability also allows recharge to 80% capacity in 30 minutes *. On the road, the car delivers a responsive and fun experience, with the powerful electric motor driving the rear wheels for a sporty and connected feel. The Honda e delivers outstanding acceleration from a standing start and will reach 0-100km/h in approximately 8 seconds *.


Honda e connected services and artificial intelligence

Connected services and applications accessed via the touchscreen interface can also be activated using voice commands to engage with the Honda Personal Assistant service. The intuitive Honda Personal Assistant is a smart artificial intelligence (AI) facility that uses unique contextual understanding to create natural conversations and provide access to a range of online services.

The unique Honda Personal Assistant is activated by saying, “OK Honda”, followed by the question or instruction. Machine learning enables the technology to develop a greater understanding of an individuals’ voice over time, in order to deliver more accurate responses.

Away from the car, Honda e owners can enjoy the peace-of-mind of being able to stay connected to their vehicle remotely through the My Honda+ smartphone application.

The mobile service, originally launched in 2017, has been updated to deliver a wider range of functionality, including easy navigation to a detailed vehicle condition report, remote climate control, and security and location monitoring. Additional EV-specific functions include battery charge control and range monitor, while charging station and navigation search results can be sent to the car from a mobile device.

The Honda e is also accessible using a digital key, allowing the car to be locked and unlocked using only the smartphone application.

Customers can make a reservation for priority ordering online in UK, Germany, France and Norway, or register their interest in other European markets on Honda national websites.