The Audi everyone's talking about these days.

Demand for estates may be on the decline, but the RS6 Avant is no ordinary estate. Unless Audi decides to launch that rumoured RS6 Allroad – which would be epic by the way – the new Avant is arguably the brand’s most versatile car. Except for off-roading, it can do pretty much all you’d ever want from a car, and these new official videos released by the Four Rings allow us to better get acquainted with the pricey wagon. How pricey? Audi isn’t saying just yet, but in domestic market Germany, the RS6 Avant starts at €117,500 which is about £106,300 using the current exchange rate.

Static and dynamic footage published by Audi gives us the opportunity to not only check out the super estate, but also hear the growl coming from the twin-turbo 4.0-litre engine. The throaty soundtrack generated by the powerhouse is music to our ears, and once you factor in the 591 bhp the V8 delivers, it’s easy to understand why so many people are excited for the RS6 Avant’s launch.

Gallery: Audi RS6 Avant (2019)

As you might have heard already, only the front doors, roof, and the tailgate have been carried over from the normal A6 Avant. The wide body is obviously exclusive to the RS6, while some of the bits and pieces such as the headlights, front bumper, and grille come from the A7 Sportback. In other words, expect the forthcoming RS7 to have just about the same face as the RS6.

Interestingly, the RS6 Avant will be electronically capped at 155 mph, but Audi mentions an optional dynamic package raises the limiter to 174 mph. There’s even a dynamic package that loosens up the limiter furthermore to unlock 189.5 mph. That’s still less than the 202-mph Alpina B5 Touring, but a possible RS6 Avant Performance version should close the gap.

While European dealers will have the RS6 Avant by the end of the year, Audi of America will add the speedy estate for the first time to its portfolio sometime in 2020.