A new spy video catches a mysterious Kia test prototype driving slowly on the side of the road. The clip's title isn't clear whether this is a Kia Mohave, Sorento, or Telluride. Judging by earlier views of the new Sorento's development, we think the crossover is also the star of this video.

Kia Sorento Possible Spy Video
Kia test prototype from this video
2021 Kia Sorento Spy Photo
Kia Sorento test prototype

Kia keeps the test prototype under heavy camouflage, including a mix of a camouflage wrap, fabric covers, and faux body panels. The extended portion at the back makes the job of identifying the model especially tough. At the front, there's a distinct styling similarity to known Sorento development vehicles (see comparison above).

As further evidence, the test prototype is on the road with a Telluride, and it doesn't appear the two models are the same, particularly from the rear. The Telluride has large taillights with bracket-shaped lamps. Conversely, this vehicle has smaller, more square-shaped units. The pieces could be placeholders, but then it wouldn't make much sense to leave them exposed on the Telluride.

Photos don't yet offer a good look inside the new Sorento, but rumours suggest that it could look a lot like larger Telluride. If that's the case, expect there to be a large infotainment screen on top of the dashboard and a centre stack with metallic trim.

Powertrain changes are a complete mystery right now. Hybrid and plug-in powertrains might join the lineup, though.

The new Sorento reportedly goes on sale for the 2021 model year, which suggests a debut occurring sometime next year.