Mini has become more active in the EV space in recent years, first with the introduction of the Mini Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 plug-in hybrid (soon 2nd model evolution), and now with the all-electric Mini Electric (Mini Cooper SE).

Since the electrification finally gained momentum, Mini reportedly is now planning three more electric models by 2023.

The unofficial Automobile Magazine report hints at three body types:

  • “super-short-wheelbase MiniMINI”
  • “a more compact and prettier replacement for the mainstay three-door version”
  • “crossover”

All the Mini BEVs will be front-wheel-drive with "skateboard-style chassis" and battery pack capacity between 35 to 50 kWh.

While those are only rumours, it's obvious that the electrification of a premium brand is today the only way to go.