Even though it has repeatedly said it’s not interesting in doing top speed runs, Bugatti took a purpose-built Chiron Sport to Germany at the famous Ehra-Lessien in an attempt to become the new speed king. The impressive velocity of 304.773 mph reached by Andy Wallace was verified by Germany’s Technical Inspection Association (TÜV), which means the record-breaking run has been officially confirmed.

As you can see, this isn’t your typical Chiron Sport. Bugatti teamed up with chassis experts Dallara and tyre manufacturer Michelin with the goal to create a modified version of the hypercar that would hit the 300-mph barrier. According to Top Gear, they’ve been working on the purpose-built W16 machine for the past six months, and the end result is quite spectacular. It is 25 centimetres longer than the standard Chiron Sport and looks imposing thanks to the ultra-aero body with a long tail.

Gallery: Bugatti Chiron Sport built for top speed run

Gone are the rear wing and airbrake as these have been removed to make room for a fixed part recessed into the vehicle’s rear to reduce drag as much as possible. One other change is the adoption of a laser-controlled ride height to make the automatically adjustable suspension reduce the amount of drag furthermore.

Also noticeable is the reworked exhaust system with a pair of vertically stacked dual exhausts similar to what we saw last month on the EB110 tribute, the Centodieci. The engineers decided to move the exhausts to reduce the impact emissions have on drag and aero by making the exhaust shoot the emissions as far from the rear as possible.

Images of the interior are not available at the time of writing, but Top Gear points out the purpose-built Chiron Sport is strictly a one-seater as the passenger seat has been replaced with a plethora of computers. Bugatti installed a safety seat for the driver and a full roll cage, while some weight-saving measures were implemented as well.

Much like the aforementioned Centodieci, the quad-turbo 8.0-litre engine delivers an astounding 1,577 bhp and is the same powertrain installed in the revival of the EB110. The same thing can be said about the all-wheel-drive system and the Ricardo seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, which were both carried over.

If you’re wondering what’s with the orange stripes contrasting the black body, it might be Bugatti’s way of saying a Chiron Super Sport is on the way taking into account the Veyron Super Sport also had these striking visual contrasts. The folks from Molsheim are not confirming a Chiron SS just yet, but Top Gear believes this amazing 304-mph machine will indeed result in a car that deep-pocketed people will be able to purchase.

For the time being, the long-tail Chiron Sport remains a one-off officially labelled as a "near-production prototype." If you don’t care whether it’s a production car or not, the special W16 creation is effectively the fastest hypercar out there, beating the Agera RS and its 277.87 mph velocity. Your move, Koenigsegg, SSC North America or Hennessey.

Now that the magical 300-mph mark has been reached, metric-loving speed fans are waiting for a hypercar able to hit 500 kph. Which one will it be: Chiron Super Sport, Jesko, Tuatara or the Venom F5?