While the latest James Bond movie had trouble getting off the ground, the 25th in the decades-long film franchise, production is now rolling at a good clip. Back in June, a video surfaced of a 1980s-era Aston Martin V8 Vantage on the set being chased by a bright-orange helicopter. Now we have video of a sinister-looking Mercedes GLE pursuing an Aston Martin DB5 on the streets of Italy.

This behind-the-scenes peek shows just how much time and effort goes into making a movie, let alone one with numerous complex action sequences. Each scene, however brief, sometimes requires multiple takes from multiple different angles just so the audience can understand the action on the screen. You can see numerous tire marks on the ground, indicating multiple takes and attempts to capture the scene just right.

The video also shows how action scenes are pieced together snippet by snippet, taking a few seconds of film from multiple takes to create a coherent and thrilling action sequence. There’s also an instance where it appears the Aston Martin and Mercedes almost collide with the Aston getting a bit squirrelly, taking the turn wide. Then again, the two may just look close while actually being a reasonable distance apart from one another. Video is two-dimensional, which plays with depth perception.

No Time To Die is scheduled to hit theaters April 8, 2020. Not only will Daniel Craig reprise his role as James Bond, but he’ll also be joined by a trio of Aston Martin vehicles including the new Valhalla. The Vantage and DB5 are the other two Aston offerings making appearances. The DB5 has appeared in eight of the 24 films released so far, including all but one of Craig’s movies. When the film hits theaters next year, audiences should expect plenty of suave action, thrilling chase scenes, and plenty of cars.