Renowned prestige car dealer HR Owen has been appointed the official UK retailer for Italian luxury sports car manufacturer Puritalia Automobili.

The company, which is based in Naples, is building just 150 examples of its new hybrid supercar, called the Berlinetta, and HR Owen has been tasked with selling some to British customers. As a result, the brand joins the likes of Ferrari and Maserati in the HR Owen stable, welcoming prospective British customers interested in the 965 bhp coupe.

That power comes from a 5-litre supercharged V8 petrol engine that’s paired with an electric motor, while the bodywork is made from carbon-fibre that takes 800 hours to paint and finish. Under that skin, the chassis comprises a carbon-fibre tub with aluminium front and rear sub-frames for the suspension.

Puritalia Automobili Berlinetta

Unsurprisingly, then, the car is going to come with a pretty exclusive price tag. Officially, it’ll cost €450,000 plus VAT, depending on the country of delivery. UK pricing hasn’t been confirmed, but it looks like British customers will have to cough up something north of £550,000 to get their hands on one.

“We are delighted to add Puritalia Automobili to the H.R. Owen portfolio of the world’s leading premium sports and luxury automotive brands,” said Ken Choo, the CEO of HR Owen. “The Puritalia Berlinetta is an elegant and hugely high-tech supercar, blending the worlds of history and innovation like never before, from its retro-inspired design, constructed from ultra-modern materials, to its blend of traditional engine and electric motors.”

Puritalia Automobili Berlinetta

Meanwhile Paolo Parente, the founder of Puritalia, said: “We are delighted to add HR Owen to our exclusive network of selected dealers representing our company brand worldwide. When I visited HR Owen I could never have imagined such a level of organization and dedication to sales and service of premium luxury cars, in every aspect.

“What Mr Choo and Mr Tan achieved with H.R Owen in the last years is truly impressive in every respect; despite its wide organization H.R Owen is still a passionate family of car enthusiasts and real car connoisseurs driven by the same passion that inspires our company and philosophy to revive the best from the past and blending it with the best of the modern technologies. The collaboration with H.R. Owen for the introduction of our Berlinetta in the UK market was a natural choice.

“With the help of H.R Owen's team we will enable a seamless brand experience for our UK customers in order to transform each customer from a buyer to a Puritalia's brand ambassadors.”

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