It’s been close to two years since we last heard about the Wiesmann brand, which announced a new partnership with BMW back in October 2017. The cooperation between the two companies is finally materialising into a new model, which will be revealed during the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show in mid-September. We have the first teaser image of that car and it already looks promising. released a photo of the car under covers, taken at the brand’s factory in the city of Dulmen, in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia region. It shows what appears to be a two-door coupe with a muscular side profile and a front fascia incorporating Wiesmann’s corporate design of the radiator grille. It’s surrounded by two headlight clusters but their exact shape and design can’t be seen at the moment.

Gallery: Wiesmann new car teasers

Judging by this first glimpse of the new and yet-unnamed model, the car could be an updated version of the GT MF4-CS that was first revealed during the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The car was powered by a V8 engine, delivering 420 bhp and allowing the coupe to sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 4.4 seconds. Top speed was 182 mph.

If our guess is correct, Wiesmann will update the model with a new V8 engine. Thanks to the aforementioned partnership with BMW, the German boutique carmaker will receive the 4.4-litre S64 motor, which is used in the current M5. In the performance saloon from Bavaria, this unit churns out 600 bhp and 553 lb-ft in standard trim and even 625 bhp in Competition-spec. For now, the exact power figures of Wiesmann’s new model are not known but expect them to be well above the 420-bhp mark of the GT MF4-CS.