The leather luggage set is predictably pricey...

McLaren has launched a luxury leather luggage set designed specifically to fit in the load bay of its GT sports car.

Designed by the company’s McLaren Special Operations (MSO) division, the bespoke set includes a garment case, weekend bag, cabin bag and full-size golf club bag. Each of these can be specified in shades that are designed to match the interior options available with the £163,000 sports car.

As a result, buyers can choose between three basic leather colours - Pioneer Black, Luxe Black and Luxe Porcelain - while there’s a choice of stitching and piping colours designed to complement the car’s other options. That means you can have the bags trimmed with Namaka Blue, Burnished Copper or Veridian Green.

McLaren GT luggage set

Each piece of luggage is designed to fit a specific location in the car, which McLaren says will guarantee that two people can carry what they need for “a range of lifestyle and sporting activities” in the new GT, which is designed to be the most practical model in the range. The first deliveries of the new car are not scheduled to arrive until September, but the luggage is being revealed at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance this month.

The cheapest of these items - the garment case - comes in at £1,700 and measures 58.5 x 56.5 x 12 cm, giving it a total volume of 39.6 litres. The bag, which is designed to sit on top of other luggage without restricting the view from the rear of the car, features two external pockets and bespoke McLaren GT aluminium zips, as well as soft grey lining featuring the McLaren logo and a metal clothes hanger.

McLaren GT luggage set

The £1,850 weekend bag, meanwhile, is a slightly smaller holdall-type bag, with a total capacity of 31.3 litres. Like the garment case, it comes with McLaren zips and grey lining, but it also offers a 38-degree styled integrated pocket, a folded leather handle and carry strap, plus two external pockets. McLaren says this bag is the most versatile in the set, with the rear luggage bay being able to accommodate several of these bags in combination with the cabin bag. It will also fit in the front luggage bay.

Adding the cabin bag to the mix will set you back £2,800 per item, but McLaren says two examples of the 39.6-litre suitcase will slot into the car’s rear luggage bay. Again, it comes with aluminium zips and grey lining, but it gets a telescopic handle, document pocket and one internal pocket.

McLaren GT luggage set

Finally, the most expensive item in the range is the £5,000 golf bag. McLaren says it’s designed to take a full set of clubs, with four central dividers to separate them and several front-facing pockets for the various items of paraphernalia golfers carry on the course. There’s a handle for short-distance lifting, as well as a securable rain hood designed to keep clubs dry and integrated security straps.

Given those prices, it’s evident that this luggage doesn’t come cheap, but buying just one of each item will set you back a total of 11,350. To give you an idea of how expensive that is, the luggage set costs more than a mid-range three-door Volkswagen Up!.

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