Hyperdrive is officially here. It launched on Netflix yesterday 21st of August, and there’s a new teaser to promote the show. This one is quite a bit different from the action-packed clips Netflix shared previously, focusing on just one contestant instead of the entire grandiose competition.

The clip doesn’t share the identity of the contestant – we’ll assume her name is Stacey since Team Stacey is emblazoned on the back window of this curious BMW E30 3 Series four-door. She might also go by the nickname Queen of Smoke, as that’s on the multi-coloured Bimmer’s back window as well. In any case, she’s a soft-spoken participant in what looks to be a wild automotive adventure that Netflix previously described as "American Ninja Warrior for cars." Oh, and Fate of the Furious baddy Charlize Theron is in the clip as well. You probably didn’t notice that.

Gallery: Charlize Theron Hyperdrive trailer

In short, Hyperdrive pits several people from various walks-of-life in a bizarre driving contest that involves crazy obstacles, and we do mean crazy. In previous teasers, we’ve seen a type of automotive gauntlet, high-speed passes in shipping containers barely wide enough for a car, and a ginormous seesaw that, frankly, looks terrifying. Mixed in are cars going sideways, cars going through water, cars hitting obstacles, so yeah, it’s sort of like a Fast and Furious movie without all the headache of a plot.

That shouldn’t be surprising, since the most recent Fast family addition is connected to the show as an executive producer. Charlize Theron likes cars, and from what we can see in this new trailer, she’s not content to watch from the sidelines. Perhaps that’s why Theron is also slated to return as Cipher in the ninth Fast and Furious instalment, slated to hit theatres next year.

Until then, the first season of Hyperdrive is now available on Netflix.