It seems Ferrari wants to rack up a few more sales. Not that any automaker wouldn’t be thrilled to notch more sold checkmarks on the balance sheet, but the Italian brand from Maranello is known for stressing quality and exclusivity over quantity. We know that’s going to change with the forthcoming Purosangue SUV, but a report from Automotive News Europe claims that Ferrari also wants to sell more GT cars, and it will build more to make it happen.

At Pebble Beach last week, Ferrari Chairman John Elkann reportedly told a group of car enthusiasts that the automaker was planning to expand its GT segment. That’s not necessarily groundbreaking news, but Ferrari’s desire to bank more cash from the sale of volume cars is certainly something not typically associated with the niche Italian brand. We already know the SUV is coming, and we recently reported that Ferrari will reveal two new models during a special two-week event at Fiorano Circuit in September. It’s possible one of these could be the Purosangue, and we’ve also heard a new convertible version of the 812 Superfast could appear. That would technically expand the automaker’s GT segment. But with a sticker price of well over £250,000, the 812 isn’t what you might call a volume car.

However, there’s something else intriguing about this recent report. Apparently, Elkann hinted that a new Prancing Horse GT was coming in November. That’s not to say one of the September reveals is delayed – way back in March 2019 Ferrari told us that five new models would see the light of day this year. We’ve already been introduced to two of them, namely the F8 Tributo and the SF90 Stradale. Two more reveals in September with one in November fits perfectly into Ferrari’s plan. If the Purosangue and 812 Superfast convertible arrive in September, then what’s the volume GT car slated for November?

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This could well be theV6 hybrid that Ferrari told us way back in the spring was coming soon. Such a machine could easily fit the role of a volume GT car, with a price point possibly slotting below the “entry-level” Portofino.

In any case, we should see Ferrari’s fully refreshed lineup in the next three months.