The much loved Nissan 350Z undergoes a transformation to become a Tesla-Nissan 350Z. What's involved? Find out here.

As you'll see in the video, there's a lot of bespoke work on this 350Z, but beyond that, the Tesla motors are the surprising bit that comes into the build.

This is perhaps one of the most radical Tesla aftermarket builds we'll ever see, so you can be sure we'll be following this.

But for now, check the video to see where this is all going. Nissan 350Z? Tesla? A bit of both. Consider us amazed. Let's watch.

Video description via throtl on YouTube:

In addition to being the first Liberty Walk Nissan 350z in the US, we're adding a Tesla motor to the build to make this car one of a kind! W

e were originally planning to do a 350Z 2JZ, but the opportunity to build an electric drift car came along so how could we say no?