Yes, Bugatti is well aware images of its new hypercar have escaped onto the Internet after some of our colleagues decided to break the embargo, but the Molsheim company is sticking to its plan to host a livestream of the event from The Quail. Even though the cat is pretty much out of the bag, a new Bugatti doesn’t come so often, therefore we’re still giddy with excitement to see the EB110 homage in full-resolution glory.

We’re also anxious to learn about the car’s juicy technical specifications and how the numbers stack up against the regular Chiron upon which the new hypercar is likely based. In a Facebook post announcing the reveal event will be livestreamed, Bugatti dropped a fresh teaser of its new high-performance machine, which will go by the name of Centodieci (Italian for 110). The VW Group-owned marque has already celebrated its 110th anniversary with a stunning special-edition Chiron Sport, but the Centodieci will kick things up a notch.


As you may recall, Bugatti unveiled the hardcore Divo at least year’s Pebble Beach as a lighter and more track-focused iteration of the W16 monster. Production will be capped at 40 units and all of them have long been sold out. It goes without saying the Centodieci won’t be built in extremely high numbers as we’re sure the automaker’s goal is to keep it exclusive to justify what will probably be an eye-watering price tag considering the Divo was available for a hefty £4.43 million apiece. Not only that, but the one-off La Voiture Noire unveiled earlier this year has set a new record for the most expensive new car, at nearly £14 million.

Join us later today live from The Quail to witness the world reveal of the Centodieci – Bugatti’s way of refreshing our memory about its 1990s masterpiece.

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