When a hypercar such as the Valkyrie costs a whopping £2.5-million, a mundane garage just won’t do. The more attainable £1-million Valhalla is also worthy of its own cocoon, which is why Aston Martin through its Q customisation division has designed lavish spaces where the ultra-rich can store their cars. Known as “galleries and lairs,” these serve as an attempt to set the bar higher when it comes to car ownership as customers can collaborate with the automaker to create a completely bespoke garage that suits they’re exact needs and preferences.

Aston Martin Galleries And Lairs

The Q division, known for its opulent Lagonda Taraf saloon from a few years ago as well as a few other special limited editions, gives Aston Martin’s clientele the opportunity to own unique storage areas. The automaker’s design team has already demonstrated its talent expands well beyond cars by creating the interior design for the 66-story Aston Martin Residences in Miami, as well as for the company’s global brand centre in Tokyo. In addition, several AM dealerships throughout the world have been penned by Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman, and his team.

Aston Martin Galleries And Lairs

Reichman sees these galleries and lairs as the “ultimate space to showcase your own automotive works of art.” For those willing to go all out, Aston Martin can even design luxury houses from the ground up and make the cars the focal point of the entire estate. Some concepts have already been elaborated, with a classic DB5 and the high-tech Valhalla being imagined in a subterranean circular space sending out a Sci-Fi kind of vibe.

Aston Martin is already accepting customer requests and is showing its vision of a high-end garage these days at Pebble Beach.

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