The Need For Speed franchise is one of the oldest in the gaming realm, dating all the way back to the mid-1990s for PC users and consoles such as the first-generation Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn. The most recent offering in the series was 2017’s NFS Payback, but that will soon change with this new title slated to arrive in November. It’s called Need For Speed Heat, and as the newly-dropped video teaser suggests, it’s all about, um, heat.

Actually, we don’t know much about the core of this new title, save for the game’s catchphrase of “hustle by day, risk it all at night.” The video description further elaborates on the subject by explaining that rogue police are also a part of the action. The main character (AKA you) will work through the street racing scene while dealing with this group of bad cops. In other words, it follows the same formula as quite a few NFS titles in the recent past. And honestly, does the plot need to be any more involved than that?

Gallery: NFS Heat teaser video screenshots

Judging by what we see in the trailer video, the graphics look outstanding. It looks like extensive vehicle customisation will also be part of the game – another aspect often featured in the NFS franchise. We’re guessing the vehicle physics will be standard-issue NFS, meaning you can throw realism out the window. That’s okay; we prefer our larger-than-life car-gaming experience to be a full-on party with the accelerator button firmly pressed 95 percent of the time.

Car selection is unknown at this time, but the trailer shows us a comfortable range of iron, from USA muscle to Italian exotics. Honestly, the standout for us – in a negative way mind you – are the Ford Crown Victoria cop cars. Yes, they’re about as iconic as American police vehicles get, but they’ve also been out-of-production for eight years now. The cop car role has since been filled by the Dodge Charger and Ford Taurus, but it’s a minor gripe to be sure.

Need For Speed Heat is slated to launch for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on the 8th of November.