When it comes to overlanding, one doesn’t typically think of a bus. That’s okay, because this Torsus Praetorian isn’t a typical bus. In fact, this particular Praetorian isn’t a bus at all, but it did start out that way. It can carry up to 35 people far off the grid, but as an aggressive all-terrain motorhome, this variant is designed to haul just two people in posh home-away-from-home.

Aside from having a seriously brilliant name, the Praetorian is designed by Czech Republic-based Torsus as an aggressive off-road bus to get large groups of people well off the beaten path. The custom body rides on MAN underpinnings and uses a MAN 6.9-litre diesel, which gives the Praetorian 286 bhp and 682 pound-feet of torque. That’s plenty of power for crossing terrain, but to conquer it, the off-roader clears obstacles with 389 millimetres of ground clearance. Should a pesky river or lake cross the path, it can wade through 700 millimetres of water.

Gallery: Torsus Praetorian

With the off-roading already handled, the Praetorian Overlander is fitted with a modest living and kitchen area that includes a sink, stove, and refrigerator all in a clever package. A full bathroom with a separate sink, toilet, and stand-up shower slots between the living area and bedroom, the latter of which is home to a large bed and a surprising amount of space. Up front, the cockpit is separated by a wall and access door.

Having just kicked off in 2016, Torsus is still a young company and is presently building a dealer network. As such, each Praetorian Overlander is build-to-order, so specific details such as water capacity, electric power, or crazy options aren't available. Pricing isn’t known either, but we’re very much looking forward to seeing more of this menacing camper in the future.