After recently unveiling an aftermarket package for the Tesla Model 3, Novitec is back to show an entirely different project it has been working on for a while. Having a soft spot for the Prancing Horse brand, the Bavarian tuner knows exactly how to discreetly update a car’s appearance without the risk of ruining the original design sketched by the talented folks from Maranello.

Case in point, this 488 Pista might not look all that different at a first glance. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details as Novitec has tastefully upgraded the Italian supercar courtesy of a subtle body kit with exposed carbon fibre parts. Created not just to lend the Italian supercar a greater visual impact, all of the new items have been developed in the wind tunnel for maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

Gallery: Ferrari 488 Pista by Novitec

There’s a spoiler blade up front extending the bumper and reducing aerodynamic lift while the 488 Pista is driven at high speeds. Rocker panels enable a beefier side profile, as does the use of carbon fibre for the mirror caps and the triangles aft the door windows. At the back, Novitec has installed a spoiler lip and carbon fibre surrounds for the round taillights. Rounding off the visual changes is the black tint applied to the side turn signals and the third brake light.

Gone are the stock Ferrari wheels as the tuner has replaced them with its own set measuring 21 inches at the front axle and 22 inches at the rear. The new shoes are complemented by a hydraulic suspension system bringing the 488 Pista closer to the road by approximately 35 millimetres to enable a more aggressive stance. Should you need a bit more ground clearance to avoid damaging the underside of your precious coupe, the hydraulic front lift system raises the nose of the car by 40 mm.


It wouldn’t be a complete package without some changes in the engine bay where the twin-turbo 3.9-litre V8 no longer develops the stock 711 bhp and 568 pound-feet of torque. Novitec has managed to lift output to 791 bhp and 662 lb-ft, which has reduced the 0-62 mph sprint time from 2.85 seconds to just 2.7 seconds. In addition, top speed has slightly increased from 211 mph to 214 mph.

If you want a V8 Ferrari quicker to 62 mph, you’ll have to step up to the new hybrid SF90 Stradale that’ll complete the task in merely two and a half seconds thanks to its nearly 1,000 electrified horses.