BMW is preparing to update its 4 Series coupe and convertible. While we’ve spotted the drop-top BMW torture testing its tyres at the Nürburgring, we’ve only spotted the coupe on the back of a car hauler. That’s changed with new spy photos showing the new 4 Series testing under its own power. Sadly, it’s still covered in camouflage, but we can discern a few details. 

Coupe development appears further along than the convertible with the test prototypes in the photos sporting the appropriate headlights and taillights. We saw these in earlier spy photos with different parts obscured with camouflage. Padding and camo also obscure much of the car’s design underneath. However, it should mimic the 8 Series coupe styling, which should make the new 4 Series an attractive and sporty two-door. 

While it’s difficult to pick out any design details, the camouflage does have trouble hiding the overall shape and proportions. The coupe has a prettier roof slope to the rear boot lid compared to the convertible, a benefit of the fixed-roof design. The bonnet doesn’t look obnoxiously long, giving the coupe impeccable proportions. 

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Powertrain information is still a mystery; however, it should share identical engines and transmissions with the convertible variant, including a possible plug-in hybrid version. Expect a more powerful M4 offering in both flavours likely using BMW’s 3.0-litre twin-turbo inline-six engine making 473 bhp in the standard tune or 503 bhp for the Competition trim. BMW will also likely offer both the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic and manual gearboxes. All-wheel drive is also rumoured. 

We could see the new BMW 4 Series coupe by the end of this year. However, it likely wouldn’t go on sale until next year. Those wanting the 4 Series convertible will have to wait a few months after that. Those wanting new versions of the M4 will have to wait even longer but considering it could have over 500 bhp, it’d be worth the wait. 

Photos: CarPix