Some people want to have their bodies cremated when they die. Some others want the old burying method. In both cases, CO2 will be released in the atmosphere, but the good news is that humans are renewable, even if you are not. And that you can ask that your dead body is moved around in a Tesla hearse as this one for sale in Norway.

We have already reported on this vehicle back in February, but we had not discovered who was in charge of production at that time. The vehicle was then offered at the classified ads website with a price tag of 1,999,000 Norwegian krone, or about £185,000 and the price has not changed.

The car seller is Karmøy, run by Jan Erik Naley. The problem is that the company only imports hearses to Norway based on many cars, all of them powered by internal combustion engines apart from this one based on the Tesla.

Tesla Hearse? Under Your Dead Body, Says a Dutch Coachbuilder

The company has pictures of this Tesla Hearse that date back from 2016, but this article from Dinside says the first one was sold to Jølstad Funeral Home. And that it is being used there since November 2018. Luckily, it also reveals the name of the real manufacturer. It is Huiskamp Carrosseriefabriek, from the Netherlands.

Curiously, the only other Tesla hearse we have heard about so far also comes from the Netherlands. It is made by RemetzCar.

Tesla Hearse? Under Your Dead Body, Says a Dutch Coachbuilder

The Dutch coachbuilder receives the requests and takes around one year and a half to complete each, according to Naley all because they have many customisable features, such as the interior - playing music, etc.

The Tesla hearse is 56 cm longer than a regular Model S. It also had its roof stripped off. The owner of Jølstad Funeral Home, Odd Borgar Jølstad, says in the article that he did not want a Model X because it is just too tall.

With the ad for the Tesla Hearse at, Naley will probably sell a lot more in the countries that are more EV friendly. 

Gallery: Tesla Model S 75D hearse by Huiskamp Carrosseriefabriek