There's nothing new about the automotive aftermarket and tuning industry. However, over the last several years, it has grown immensely. As more and more EVs come to market, wraps and aftermarket work are gaining even more interest. This is especially true with regard to Tesla vehicles among the rich and famous. Still, plenty of average Joes and Janes are joining the club.

While petrol-powered cars are good candidates for a multitude of performance-tuning work, that's not so true of EVs. Sure, you can tweak or change out wheels, tyres, suspension, parts, etc., but when it comes to Tesla vehicles, there may not be much that folks want to change from a performance standpoint. Visually, however, the potential is infinite.

As competition in the aftermarket segment grows, artists are striving to be original and make their work stand out. Aside from vehicle paint protection, one of the primary points of a wrap is to make your car look different from the norm. This Elon Musk-inspired Iron Man Tesla Model 3 by Acme Tint Solutions aims to be precisely that.