The Citroën Jumper Biker Solution Multi is the French brand's latest campervan capable of hauling your outdoor toys, and this new model expands the motorhome's strengths by adding the ability to haul things like an ATV or go-kart, according to New Atlas. Like the existing Citroën Jumper Biker Solution, you can still fit a pair of motorcycles in the back, too.

Gallery: Citroen Jumper Biker Solution Multi

The Multi has stowable ramps for rolling your ATV inside the van. If that job is too tough, there's also a winch to haul the vehicle into the cabin. Available brackets over a spot to attach motorcycles, so there's no concern about them tipping over while you're driving.

The van's amenities include a fold-out bed that fits two people and another sleeping spot for two when the roof pops up. The kitchenette includes a cooktop, sink, and refrigerator. There are also several cabinets in the walls for stowing your gear. When it's time to relax after a day of riding, the Multi has an extending exterior awning. A diesel heater helps keep the interior warm on chilly nights.

It's doubtful that you'd need to haul your outdoor vehicle all the time, so a removable rear seat can mount in the back when you want to use the space for carrying people instead of machines.

In Germany, the Biker Solution Multi starts at €51,100 ($48,000 at current exchange rates).