We’ve seen many amazing car collections over the years. Some of those have been very recently, such as the drool-worthy stockpile of zero-mile exotics in Dubai. This collection is much smaller, though it features some incredibly rare machines for both the street and race track. It’s also the exact opposite of a zero-mile car museum, and yes, the person behind this epic garage also has an apartment with a Pagani Zonda R body in the living room. More on that in a bit.

Shmee150 has all the ins when it comes to crazy collections, and during his recent trip to Miami, he had the chance to see this amazing garage. It belongs to Instagrammer @69rideordie, though some of you might know him better as Pablo Perez Companc, an accomplished racing driver from Argentina. As such, the vehicles in this collection definitely do not just sit around, and that includes the exquisite Pagani Zonda Revolucion which takes centre stage in the garage. Only five were ever built, and according to Shmee, the one featured here has turned laps at several race tracks in the U.S. and abroad. How brilliant is that?

Gallery: 69rideordie Car Collection

As you can see, the collection focuses primarily on race cars, which shouldn’t be surprising since the owner is a racing driver. That’s also why the garage is chock full of tyres, but admittedly our hearts flutter with the WRC-spec rally cars in the corner. Okay, the Porsche 911 GT2 RS and Lamborghini Gallardo Squadra Corse are nice too, but did they sacrifice suspension components to build a cool coffee table? Speaking of which, we’re also reminded just how amazing Amalgam's replica models are, especially in 1/8 scale.

69rideordie Car Collection

The most amazing thing, however, isn’t in the garage at all. Shmee was given a special glimpse into a seaside apartment, and yes, there’s a full-size Pagani Zonda R in the living room. It’s just the body, but it’s the real deal right down to the carbon fibre construction and big spoiler. It’s mounted sideways and serves as a separating wall between rooms. That’s right – he uses a Pagani Zonda R body for a wall. Friends, that’s what we call interior decorating at the absolute highest boss level imaginable.