Today flight-of-fancy in the world of the new C8 Chevrolet Corvette is actually somewhat familiar. Yes, these renderings from rain prisk on Facebook are brand new, but a long-roof Corvette is something more than a few people have imagined through the years. In fact, we’ve covered such creations through the years, including some recent C7 Corvette shooting brake designs that went beyond fantasy.

This is the first C8 shooting brake creation we’ve seen though, and you know what? It looks really good, especially with the squarish backside that GM already has on the new Corvette. The flared rear haunches arching up to meet the gently sloping roofline is extraordinarily satisfying, as are the scoops in the rear pillar than match the C8’s forward-canted side scoops. It’s clear that considerable attention to maintaining proportions and symmetry were part of the project, and the payoff is a stunningly gorgeous shape we’d love to drive.


Of course, there’s one obvious, overreaching flaw in this design. For those just returning on the 20-year round-trip alien space cruise to the Pleiades, the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette no longer has its engine in the front. Shocking news for sure, but unfortunately it means the shooting brake design we love so much kind-of doesn’t work since an engine is now smack in the middle of that cargo area. Technically speaking it could, though we reckon it would be exceedingly difficult to access the engine for even basic maintenance, never mind something requiring a full removal. Then again, the Toyota Previa has a mid-engine configuration, and it’s a bloody MPV.

C8 Corvette Shooting Brake Rendering

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and we have a will to see the tradition of limited-production long-roof Corvettes continue. Any aftermarket tuners willing to give this concept a go?