It’s hard to believe, but Monterey Car Week is almost upon us. The event spans the week of 12 August, but kick-off events in the area are already underway. Maserati will grace the Quail Meadows starting 14th of August, and the company will have a pair of limited-edition offerings to entice attendees with. Tweaked versions of the Quattroporte saloon and Levante SUV will offer special trim and interior options.

Specifically, both vehicles will offer a brown PELLETESSUTA interior. That’s not just some fancy name for a run-of-the-mill option – the material is comprised of thin strips of Nappa leather that is woven together, as opposed to being just a big slab of hide. The process essentially mimics that of traditional hand-woven fabrics, with the obvious difference being it’s leather instead of cloth. The end-result is a material that’s said to be durable, lightweight, and in the automotive community, exclusive. Maserati says it’s the only automaker to offer this type of interior.

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And it won’t be available on many Maseratis. All total, the company plans to build just 50 Quattroportes and 50 Levantes with the special interior for North America. In addition to the leather, special-edition Quattroporte S Q4 GrandLusso saloons will also receive a custom Blu Sofisticato exterior with blue brake calipers and the interior finished in brown. The Levante S GranSport SUVs will wear an exclusive shade of Bronzo tri-coat on the outside, punctuated with 21-inch polished Helios wheels. Inside, the Levante’s special interior will be finished in black with wood trim. Both models will also get Zegna Edition badging, signifying the company responsible for the leather construction.

Maserati doesn’t mention any pricing for the special edition models, but the company does say orders will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Deliveries are expected to begin in the spring of 2020.

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Maserati Showcases Exclusive Limited Editions at Monterey Car Week


Limited Numbers of 2020 Model Year Quattroporte S Q4 GranLusso Sedans and Levante S GranSport SUVs with PELLETESSUTA™ woven leather interiors crafted by Ermenegildo Zegna

Monterey, CA – 7 August 2019 – Visitors to Monterey Car Week will have the exclusive opportunity to order one of 100 limited edition Maseratis with PELLETESSUTA™ woven leather interiors made by Zegna for 2020 model year.  A limited number of 50 Quattroporte sedans and 50 Levante SUVs will be available in North America.  As part of an on-going partnership that began with the innovation of the first ever silk interiors in the automotive sector, the next chapter opens with a limited production of woven leather PELLETESSUTA™ interiors and exclusive exterior colors.

Only available in a limited production of:

  • 50 Quattroporte S Q4 GranLusso sedans in a custom Blu Sofisticato metallic exterior paint with a lavish Dark Brown PELLETESSUTA™ interior. This exclusive Quattroporte features blue brake calipers, sport seats and a dedicated Zegna Edition interior badge. The extremely elegant configuration underscores the exclusive, luxurious character of this Italian flagship, whose origins date back to Series I designed in 1963 to be the fastest sedan in the world. This will be the only time that this configuration will be made available for purchase.
  • 50 Levante S GranSport SUVs will be available with an exclusive Bronzo tri-coat exterior and stunning Black PELLETESSUTA™ interior and exclusive Radica wood trim. The limited edition Levante features black brake calipers and 21” polished Helios rims. An especially sophisticated combination for this Levante, the  first SUV in the more than one-hundred year history of Maserati.  This configuration will only be made available for a limited time.

These exclusive vehicles will be available for sale on a first come, first served basis.  Contact your local dealer to reserve one. Vehicles will be delivered to the first consumers in Spring 2020.


The soft, luxurious, lightweight PELLETESSUTA™ material is not only durable but brings comfort and beauty to Maserati  interiors.  The result of research using thin strips of nappa leather in place of fabric yarns which are woven together and interlaced replicating the traditional method of weaving cloth to obtain a real ‘fabric’ from leather.  This method is an example of combining new avant-garde technologies with century-old traditions to create innovation. Through a longstanding partnership between Zegna and Maserati, two historical Italian companies, Maserati is the only automotive company to bring this elevated exclusive  interior to the market.


The Quail Meadows will be home to Destinazione Maserati: A Grand Day Out, on August 14, 15, 17.  Consumers and media will have the opportunity to test drive the entire 2019 Maserati portfolio.  In addition, Dr. Adolfo Orsi Jr., historian of the Make, will present a photo history of Maserati on August 15, plus Maserati will share the details of the newest PELLETESSUTA™ interiors on August  15 and 17.

On Friday, August  16 at The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering, Maserati will showcase the Quattroporte S Q4 GranLusso Sedan and Levante S GranSport SUV customized with Zegna PELLETESSUTA™ woven leather interior.

On Sunday, August 18 the location will shift to the Pebble Beach Lodge, for the Concours D’Elegance where the Bronzo exterior Levante S GranSport SUV customized with black Zegna PELLETESSUTA™ woven leather interior will be displayed on the Concept Lawn.