Novitec is one of the most popular names on the tuning scene and we’ve seen countless striking projects from the Germans. Most of the times, the company works on supercars like the McLaren 600LT, Ferrari 812, Lamborghini Huracan Performante, and others, but Novitec is also no stranger to Tesla and its all-electric products. Following the release of a tuned Model X and a Model S in 2017, the firm is now working its magic on the Model 3.

It turns out a relatively humble EV saloon like the Californian entry-level vehicle could easily become quite a looker with the proper visual tweaks. In the case of Novitec’s project, these include a new front spoiler lip, a rear spoiler lip, a rear diffuser, and rocker panels, all of which can be finished in naked carbon-fibre or either a body-matching or body-contrasting paint.

Gallery: Tesla Model 3 by Novitec

The final touch of the exterior package is a set of 21-inch wheels designed by Novitec but manufactured using a hi-tech forging process by Vossen. The German company says the new wheels not only give the Model 3 a more dynamic appearance but also optimise ventilation and cooling of the brakes on all four corners. You can order the NV2 wheelset in a total of 72 different colours.

In addition, Novitec also offers improvements to the suspension in the form of sportier springs for both the RWD and AWD variants of the Model 3, lowering the electric saloon by about 30 millimetres. You can further lower the car with the tuner’s aluminium sports suspension kit that offers “a sporty-comfortable” ride. Interestingly, the ride-height lowering can also improve power efficiency by up to seven percent, according to Novitec.

The interior of the Model 3 is enhanced with fine leather and Alcantara decorative tweaks in any desired colour and a choice of different upholstery pattern designs.