Electric vehicles aren’t coming. They are already here, and it’s just a matter of time before the EV revolution enters the expansive realm of motorhomes. We already previewed such a creation from Vanlifer.com, a camper conversion company with roots both in the UK and New Zealand. The Tesla Semihome concept was large and in-charge, but now, Vanlifer designer Jason Hablous has something a bit more modest in mind. Say hello to the Arrival Electric Van Camper Concept from Vanlifer.

This square shape might already be familiar to Motor1.com UK readers. EV automaker Arrival has a small fleet of these boxy “lightweight composite vehicles” serving with both UPS and Royal Mail in and around London. Vanlifer saw something more than just cargo capacity in these runabouts, and set out to design a small-yet-roomy EV campervan from its rectangular design.

The compact camper is only a preliminary design at this point, so details on interior accommodations aren’t available. With no engine, fuel tank, or other components associated with internal combustion engines, the Arrival already has impressive space inside compared to standard vans of similar size. A pop-up roof not unlike a certain famous rectangular-shaped campervan from Volkswagen further adds to the space, and a pair of side windows break up the slab sides we see in the delivery version. Range for the Arrival is currently 150 miles, so this wouldn’t be a cross-country tourer per se. Rather, it could be an ideal weekend adventurer for those seeking a quick getaway.

There’s a reason this Vanlifer design is just a rendering at this point. Arrival is still in the concept stage with its delivery vehicles, with UPS and Royal Mail using these vans in a type of real-world beta test. However, we are absolutely in love with the idea of EV campervans – the extra interior space with no thirsty engine sucking petrol by the tankerload will be tremendous benefits when such vehicles hit the market. And with companies like Vanlifter already working on designs, we suspect that day is just around the corner.

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