I guess it goes without saying that when you buy one of the world's most exotic hypercars, the whole handover experience needs to be as special. It's not just about signing some papers, being thrown the keys, and ushered out the door. No, you get a good amount of extra touches that help you get the most out of your ownership. In the case of the Bugatti Chiron Sport in this video, you get a huge aluminium box, and more.

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Full disclosure; Shmee150, an extremely popular YouTube car enthusiast and purveyor of all things we usually can't afford, is not taking delivery of his Bugatti Chiron Sport. He was invited by the guys over at Bugatti Broward in Florida to get a chance to see and touch the very first US Chiron Sport to be delivered with the Sky View glass roof system. Of course, we are taken through all the interesting features of the already jaw-droppingly gorgeous Chiron Sport, offering weight savings from the 'standard' Chiron and a recalibrated suspension.

Pulling the Bugatti car cover back reveals the Chiron Sport in Gris Rafale (silver) colour, contrasted with black gloss accents and the night package. Lightweight wheels, Italian red accents, and exposed carbon fibre are some highlights, and the monotone theme is actually refreshing, what with all the black and blue combination ones we usually get to see. Inside, it's a black with red affair, with the fancy centre line lighting in the cockpit, satin finish for the carbon fibre, and the neatly placed emblem that is applied to every car delivered during the 110 anniversary year of Bugatti. 

But that's not all, as a fairly large aluminium box is also handed over with the car, and it contains some extra goodies. Take note that the materials of the box and its contents match the spec of the car. Inside of a gloss carbon box you'll find the three keys, your standard one, a valet key, and the speed key (which lets you unleash the car for top speed mode). You'll also find a flash drive with pictures of your very own car being built and the actual specifications, user manuals, and service details. At the very bottom of the aluminium box is your pouch for the car cover and a handy trickle charger. 

Of course, we won't spoil too much without watching the video, so if you have a good 17 minutes to spare, do yourself a favor and get a firsthand look at what its like to pick up your Bugatti Chiron Sport; without all the paperwork to fill out, that is. 

Source: Shmee150 via YouTube