Canada’s Safari Condo factory may be on vacation currently (July 19th to August 4th), but the company has a brand new compact, lightweight, and aerodynamic travel trailer. We have some official details about the new product and, before we share them with you, let’s make this clear – this could be the coolest camping trailer to come in 2019. You'll be the judge.

Dubbed the Alto A2124, the new trailer has 15 percent lower energy consumption compared to the Alto R1713. The latter is part of the company’s R-Series of trailers, where R stands for a retractable roof. The new model is heavier at 2,743 pounds (1,825-1,867 lbs for the R models) but the aerodynamically-optimized shape results in lower energy consumption for the towing vehicle.

Gallery: Safari Condo Alto A2124

In fact, Safari Condo’s main goal was to build a spacious small caravan for green vehicles, where energy consumption is important. The company conducted 11 tests in a virtual wind tunnel with 11 different shapes before the team decided to go with the shape of the A2124. Additionally, road tests with a Tesla Model X towing vehicle were conducted.

“Faced with the steady increase in the price of gasoline and the social responsibility we all share to save non-renewable fossil energy, Safari Condo wanted to design ultra-light travel trailers with the lowest possible drag coefficient,” the firm explains on its official site.

As for the accommodation features, this small trailer comes nicely equipped with a small kitchenette, shower and toilet, dining area, fridge, and double bed. Safari Condo promises to release more details in the coming weeks and says the base price of the model is $46,950 CAD, which is approximately £29,187 at the current exchange rates. 

Source: Safari Condo