New 2020 model year cars from Volvo will now come as standard with a data SIM card, boosting their connectivity.

The addition provides 100GB of data for a year with what Volvo says is 'the longest and most generous Vodafone plan currently offered by a car maker in the UK', allowing those in the car to remain fully connected at all times. Not only is the data plan by itself impressive, but it also comes at no additional cost for new Volvo buyers.

Volvo just made in-car connectivity better

The SIM is independent of any other data plans that may be in use in the car, so passengers' phone data plans will be unaffected by the connection provided by the car. The SIM also offers benefits such as access to entertainment and information apps, Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) for efficient journey planning, and cutting-edge connected safety services; not to mention a stronger signal which is boosted by the car's antenna. What's more, the automatic roaming plane covers 42 separate overseas territories.

Up to eight devices can connect to the system at any one time, ensuring that the whole family –especially the kids – can remain online throughout a long journey. All the native information and entertainment apps that are built into the car’s Sensus touchscreen system, including Spotify, TuneIn, Google Local Search, Yelp, Park and Pay, Record & Send, Glympse, Weather and WikiLocation, can also be accessed by everyone.

While the system is a standard addition to all new 2020 model year Volvos going forwards, those who have already bought 2020 cars can get the feature retrofitted on their next visit to the dealership.

Volvo just made in-car connectivity better

Being a Volvo, the SIM also serves as a safety device, with it having the ability to receive and transmit when a similarly connected (Volvo) car’s hazard lights are triggered nearby, or slippery road surfaces are encountered, sharing the information in real time to other drivers via a cloud-based system. 

"Being connected is a hugely important part of modern life, and in-car connectivity brings a whole host of benefits in terms of entertainment, information, journey planning and safety while on the move,"said Kristian Elvefors, Volvo Car UK Managing Director. "By fitting a data SIM card to every new Volvo, we are ensuring that our customers can enjoy the cutting-edge technology in our cars to the full, while also making their lives easier and more enjoyable."

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