[UPDATE] Video has been removed from Youtube.

We’ve seen plenty of car collections filled with Italian exotics both old and new. We’ve also seen eclectic collections with a little bit of everything. This fresh video from Shmee150 showcases an incredible private car collection in Miami that’s a bit of both. Ferraris dominate one side of the beautiful garage, but on the other side we see a fleet of rare – and expensive – Toyota 2000GTs. In the middle are a pair of cool Citroens, some American muscle, and a car we don’t see nearly enough, the epic Lexus LFA. Actually, we see three of them in this clip. More on that in a bit.

The video tour actually starts with some classic British iron in the form of a Rolls-Royce and two Bentleys. Gears quickly shift, however, as we move to Italy with a Ferrari F12 TDF and not one, but two LaFerraris. One is the roofless Aptera, and this clip offers a unique look at just how many small differences there are between the two hypercars. The Ferrari fest continues with a modest collection of rare models like the 458 Speciale and F60 America, though a classic Dino and a 275 GTB hold station among the modern machines.

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Things get a bit more interesting on the other side of the garage. That’s where we find everything from NASCAR race cars to classic Corvettes, an E-Type Jag, and yes, the row of Toyota 2000GTs. There are seven all total, including a roofless model which isn't given nearly enough attention. Toyota never made a convertible version of the 2000GT, though two roofless models were famously created for the 1967 James Bond flic You Only Live Twice. One is firmly in possession of Toyota, while the fate of the other is unknown. It’s likely the one here is a recreation – its interior is tan versus the black interior for the movie cars – but a roofless 2000GT is still an extraordinary thing to see in person.

Not quite as extraordinary but certainly awesome are the trio of rare Lexus LFA supercars also part of this collection. Equipped with a gloriously high-revving V10 engine, these luxurious rocketships were expensive when new, and command even more cash now. Two of the examples are the ultra-rare Nürburgring Edition models, equipped with extra aero bits up front and a large wing in back. Built before the days of the love-it-hate-it spindle grille, the LFA still looks menacing and modern. We only wish we could hear these V10 beasts in the confines of this garage.

The undisclosed private collection clearly focuses on Ferrari and Toyota, which is a rather unlikely combination in the passionate world of motoring enthusiasts. That’s unfortunate, because we’d love to see more classic Italian machinery squaring up with some of the greatest Japanese performers of all time.