Nowadays, with running restrictions to cars in many cities, even mainstream manufacturers are willing to convert their classics into EVs. Jaguar, for example. But what if you could buy a classic that is already electric? Or build it yourself? This is what the Chesil Motor Company intends to offer with its new E Speedster. Or, should we say, what Westfield Sportscars wants you to have.

Westfield recently bought Chesil, announcing the purchase on July 26. The first product to be offered under new management is simply an electric kit car based on the Porsche 356.

The E Speedster was presented for the first time at the 2019 Silverstone Classic event and Chesil opted not to divulge too many technical specifications, but it plans to offer cars for press evaluation from September onwards.

The regular Speedster uses VW Beetle components and chassis and a glass-reinforced plastic body. The electric kit car, which will be available also as a turnkey, will probably have the same structure unless Chesil develops a new tubular frame for it, which is not very likely. 

Chesil E Speedster Is Your Next Electric Porsche 356 Electric Kit Car

Would you consider buying a 356 that spends no time at gas stations? How big would its battery pack need to be? Would you require a more modern rear suspension? What about the motor? 

Since the specs have not been revealed yet, Chesil may take your ideas into consideration. Especially keeping in mind that the kit car will also be exported. These units for the market abroad will be made at the Westfield Kingswinford location in the West Midlands instead of Chesil's in Dorset, according to Autocar.

Gallery: Chesil E Speedster based on Porsche 356

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Westfield Sportscars Ltd is proud to announce the purchase of the Chesil Motor Company, manufacturer of the world-renowned Chesil Speedster.

The culmination of many months of work between the two businesses, Westfield hopes to combine their differing technology, skills and beauty, harnessing the Westfield brand and expanding their portfolio.

In introducing Chesil’s models to Westfield’s manufacturing techniques and innovations, they will seek to future proof the Chesil Speedster and keep it in production for many years to come.

With the expansion of Westfield Sportscars portfolio, which now includes autonomous PODs, their familiar range of kit cars, topped by the Sport 250, and now the Chesil Speedster, the company can offer total mobility solutions for commuting through to weekend thrills.

The long-term vision for the combined business is to provide the first fully electric car for the home build market and to design, build, manufacture and certify a retro electric Speedster to sit along side the existing Classic Speedster.

Chesil will fit under the Westfield Sportscars umbrella and will be managed by MD Simon Westwood. The vehicles and kits will continue to be built and supplied from both locations with the purchasing and supply function centralised at Westfield Sportscars in Kingswinford.

For the overseas market, vehicles will be built at Westfield under their existing Type Approval Framework.

Julian Turner, CEO of Westfield Technology Group said:

“We are really excited to have the Speedster under the Westfield Brand. We see the continued global growth of the Westfield collection providing a bespoke car to meet the individual needs of our customers. Westfield can now offer you a POD for your mobility needs in the week and car for fun for the weekend – all tailored around your bespoke requirements.” 

The first chance to see the Chesil E Speedster will be at this weekend’s Silverstone Classic event stand P66 with first press drives expected in early September.