People that love cars are probably very familiar with engine swaps and with EV conversions. However, there is at least one which deserves a closer look. This motor swap performed by the guys from Polykup – in association with Edge Motors – put the powertrain of a Tesla Model S P85 into the body of an Audi S5.

Our sister site InsideEVs has previously reported on this car here. At the time, the YouTube channel Rich Rebuilds had paid a visit to the guys, but the Audi conversion was still in progress. Now it looks pretty much complete. It has been a long journey to reach this stage as the interview from the Deutsche Auto Parts YouTube channel makes very clear.

The S5 transformation demanded a lot of extra work. Not only because the owner of the car and of Polykup, Samuel Polyak, wanted to retain the Quattro system the original S5 had.

Besides the physical motor swap, Polyak intended the car to fully communicate with the Tesla motor. The S5 now has a 10-in touchscreen that is fully integrated with the car.

The video brings lots of interesting details on how the conversion was made in additional to what the shop had to do to make everything work and also about how the car now behaves.

One of the most interesting adaptations made by Polyak was putting the whole battery pack of the Model S inside the S5. Instead of replacing the Audi’s floor, he divided the pack into 16 modules and stacked them where the German coupé previously had rear seats.

Polyak also had to make arrangements for the batteries to retain their thermal management, the BMS.

Too much work for an S5 with the proper powertrain? Perhaps, but when you know that Polyak’s business is precisely to turn petrol-powered cars into EVs, the S5 makes for a perfect business card.

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