Audi is in the midst of giving pretty much its entire lineup a facelift. Okay, not everything is getting a nip/tuck – some vehicles like the A4 already have a fresh look, but it sure seems like we’re seeing all sorts of Audis running around these days with at least some measure of camouflage. We recently saw the facelifted RS5 for the first time, and now it’s the S5’s turn. We didn’t catch just one prototype on the road, however – an S5 Cabriolet was spotted cruising through the mountains, while its Sportback sibling was captured at the Nürburgring.

As we’ve seen on pretty much every Audi facelift recently, the updates are focused primarily on the front. The twist here is that the current S5 Cabriolet and Sportback are barely a couple of years old, having debuted in 2017 for the 2018 model year. Similar to the RS5 we saw earlier, the changes aren’t necessarily concealed by camouflage, which as far as we can tell is simply there just to try and confuse people. We can see a new mesh pattern in the grille and slight changes to the trim on the lower portion of the bumper, not unlike what we’ve seen on the TTS.

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At the rear we see what could be a lightly revised taillight design, but otherwise, the camouflage wrap on the sides seems to be hiding nothing new. The lower trim on the bumper might be different, and actually, when you look close at the quad exhaust tips on the Cabrio, it appears they are actually fake mock-ups held in place by the bumper. It could be just a trick of the camera though, as the more athletic Sportback seems to have the real deal. Inside, there should be a new infotainment screen and likely some tech enhancements as well.

We haven’t heard anything specific about a reveal date, but our best guesses suggest the S5 will debut later this year as a 2020 model, with the RS5 showing up later.

Source: Automedia

Gallery: Audi S5 Sportback spy photos

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