Alain Prost has taken a more formal role with the Renault Formula 1 operation by becoming a non-executive director of the UK company behind the team.

Prost was appointed earlier this month as a member of the board of Renault Sport Racing Ltd, as a direct replacement for Renault Group executive Thierry Bollore. The latter has left his role with the F1 team as he has taken on extra responsibilities on the road car side since becoming CEO of the parent company after Carlos Ghosn resigned amid controversy in January.

Four-time F1 world champion Prost has been an ambassador and then advisor to Renault’s F1 project since the French manufacturer took over the former Lotus team at the end of 2015. It’s unclear whether his new role will entail any changes in his day-to-day contribution.

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The other directors are team principal and managing director Cyril Abiteboul, company president Jerome Stoll, Renault Group financial chief Thierry Cognet and Genii boss Gerard Lopez, who has retained a minority stake in the team since the Lotus days through his Gravity Motorsports organisation.

A Renault spokesman described the role of the team's board of directors as “establishing vision, mission and values, setting strategy and structure, delegating to management, exercising accountability to shareholders and being responsible to relevant stakeholders” as well as “taking key decisions for the company such as approval of the annual accounts and financial statements and approval of key contracts with sponsors, partners and drivers.”

Prost’s former McLaren teammate Niki Lauda held a similar post as a non-executive director of Mercedes Grand Prix until his death in May.