Akrapovic is one of the top names in exhaust tuning, and the firm now turns its attention to the 2020 Toyota Supra. The company uses titanium for both the muffler and pipes of this new part. The result is a much more sonorous sound from the engine. For some extra style, the interior of the outlets come straight from the factory with the violet-blue colour that comes from exposing titanium to high temperatures. As extra options, buyers can specify the Akrapovic Sound Kit that allows for tweaking the sound from the pipes.

Judging by this video, the Akrapovic exhaust adjusts the Supra's sound so that there's more of a burble at lower revs and an additional crackle during gear changes. At least in this video, the tone doesn't seem obnoxious and could be something most people could live with for daily driving. The Toyota's sound from the factory is a bit subdued, so this system's changes could add a welcome amount of aggressiveness to the coupe's noise.

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The new Supra is now trickling into showrooms, and the aftermarket is preparing to offer lots of parts for it. For example, Prior Design and Rocket Bunny are developing widebody its for the coupe. In addition, Toyota's TRD division is working on parts like carbon fibre body elements and 19-inch forged wheels.

If you don't want to add anything to the 2020 Supra, then prices start at £52,695 or you can opt for the better-equipped Pro trim for £54,000.