Friends, we’ve seen a lot of jaw-dropping car collections over the years. But never seen anything quite like this video from Hoonigan – specifically, Hoonigan Bonus on YouTube. Of course, it comes from Abu Dhabi, but what makes this collection so jaw-dropping is that the cars are essentially brand new, with little to no mileage showing on the odometer. And by little, we’re talking 50 miles or less.

The video starts with an inside look at a shop for Lunatics by Nature, a Monster-sponsored drift team in Abu Dhabi. There are some interesting rides to see there, but the real show comes with a personal tour of what has to be the largest – and most diverse – private collection of brand new supercars in the world. The adventure begins with a fleet of Bugatti Veyrons, including several extremely limited production-run models. The camera pans past some exquisite Porsches, rare Mercedes SLR McLarens, every epic Ferrari you can imagine in a sea of Rosso Corsa, and in the mix of the modern iron is a straight-up 1886 Benz Motorwagen. Yes, it’s a real Motorwagen, but not an original from 1886 – it was one of 150 recreations built in 2003 but still, it’s a bloody Motorwagen.

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By now, more than a few of you are probably thinking this is sacrilege. After all, cars are meant to be driven, and this collection features some of the most amazing road cars of all time. Keep the faith, because the last section of the video takes us to the other garage where the daily drivers are kept. Within this larger building is a veritable fleet of Land Rover Defenders, Chevy trucks, Toyota Land Cruisers, and yes, plenty of glorious exotics. Whereas the Ferrari F40 in the museum was brand new, the "daily-driver" F40 has upwards of 3,000 miles on it. Perhaps the coolest ride of all is the ultra-rare Vector W8 – the fighter-jet-inspired American supercar from the early 1990s. It’s in the daily driver garage? Yes, it is.

The video is almost 30 minutes long, but it is so worth the time. This collection is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.