This crazy tuned Nissan 370Z twin-turbo boasts some 950 bhp, so the stock Tesla Model 3 shouldn't stand a chance against it. Even the video uploader admits that the Model 3 is wildly out of its league here.

Regardless, it's still an interesting race to watch, though a bit unfair. According to the video uploader, the next step will be to get a Tesla Model S P100D to go up against this 370Z. That may well be a fairer match up. However, this tuned Nissan is a beast, so even the Model S may not be its match.

Grab a look at the video. The racing action starts just after the 2-minute mark. Even though the Model 3 is way down on power compared to the 370Z, it actually keeps pace better than you might expect.

Video description via Sam CarLegion on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 vs Nissan 370Z Twin Turbo Tuned 

Drag Race Nissan 370Z Twin Turbo | 950BHP | GTR Killer? Stillen-AAM Tuned 700WHP

I have had this in my mind for like 7 months, but the weather never permitted us to do the first drag race. More videos to come!

Now let's talk about why we did this. Well, first for fun, second because we can?! Is it a fair comparison? Not really, but we did it for the fun of it.

I finally experienced the Model 3, and finally got this out of my mind. Technically, the Model 3 is much lighter than the 370Z and has better torque, but the Z is a killer in the long run.

Soon we will do one against Model S P100D since that will be a somehow fair comparison. Thanks to Radi, Bob and Kevin for helping out. Stay tuned for more.