This Tesla truck rendering surely could be something out of Blade Runner. Or on Brazilian beaches...

When Elon Musk speaks about the new Tesla pickup truck, he says it is his favourite product to date. And he also hints it will make the massive RAM (from America) look puny. Or, even more, that it will look like a Blade Runner contraption. This is the lead the artist Justin Duel James has followed to create this rendering.

James states in his Dribbble post:

I am a huge Tesla fanboy and have seen a lot of Tesla Pickup truck concept work. I wanted to try my own using the teaser image from the Model Y unveiling and see what I could come up with. It's futuristic but I'd be happy to drive one. Franz & Elon - feel free to send one my way. XOXO

The image has very little to do with the first teaser Elon Musk revealed, at the Semi and Roadster presentation, but it is very loyal to the latest one. And the funny thing is that it also reminds us of a very peculiar vehicle.

Most must have never heard of the Renha Formigão, a small pickup truck made with a glass-fibre reinforced plastic body in Brazil. It was very popular in the 1980s in Rio de Janeiro.

Anyway, its A-pillars that join with the bonnet – or frunk, in Tesla models – make it have an undeniable resemblance to James’ rendering.

Will this pickup have a futuristic and nostalgic touch? At the same time will it look as something out of Blade Runner and around Copacabana beaches all at once? 

Source: via Electrek